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Clay Skaggs is a 19-year-old magician attending Yale University.


Clay began performing magic when he was only 11-years old, and started his professional career two years later when he was begged to perform at a friend’s 30th birthday party. Since then, Clay has performed at various events, amazing audiences young and old. Clay has entertained the likes of Weird Al, Pao Gasol, Justin Caruso, David Arquette, and Johnny Knoxville. Clay's magic breaks all cultural barriers as he has performed on four different continents. 


A member of the world-famous Magic Castle, Clay has the opportunity to continue perfecting his art amongst some of the greatest magicians of all time. Notably, he spent time training with Jon Armstrong. Clay loves that magic has the capacity to instill a belief in the impossible amongst audiences and hopes to continue pursuing a career in magic. 



"Clay is immensely talented and had us all stunned. I would highly recommend for any event."

- NOAH POMPAN, Content Partnership Manager, Red Bull Media House

"Clay Skaggs is one of the most exciting up and coming magicians in the world of magic. His passion and professionalism turn every party he performs at into an exceptional affair."

- DAVID ARQUETTE, Actor and WCW World Heavyweight Champion

"I have used Clay on two events and he was a smash hit at both of them! My company hosted 50 customers at an appreciation dinner when he was just 15 years old and truly made the evening incredible and exciting! Approximately a year later Clay performed at Wilshire Country Club's Member / Guest tournament and simply stole the night with his magic! Everyone was extremely impressed and could not believe how great and talented he is! As the Chairman of the tournament Clay made me look like I knew what I was doing!"

- PAUL LESTZ, President of SPJ Lighting



Clay will tailor his performance to your needs. Contact him to let him know what you want.

Close Up Shows and Strolling

Clay specializes in close up and strolling magic which is great for Christmas parties, birthday parties, corporate retreats and much much more. His mastery of card magic and mental miracles will be sure to blow you away from just feet away. He can set up a 10-45 minute close up show, set up his own table, or go table-to-table for up to three hours. Clay is perfect for your 7-year old's birthday, or your 70th birthday. Clay can lighten any situation with his magic, whether it be a funeral or baby shower.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs fit Clay's easy going walk-around magic style perfectly. Because he was attending bar and bat mitzvahs himself a few years ago, he knows what kids want. Unlike older magicians, kids can relate to Clay since he is not a generation away from them. His magic will guarantee everyone has a good time at your child's bar or bat mitzvah.

Magician Clay Skaggs performing magic

Private Magic Lessons

Do you want to be the life of every party you go to? Do you want the ability to easily start conversations? Well, after taking lessons with Clay both of these will be possible. Providing hands on instruction, a great curriculum, and individual practice plans, after just weeks audiences will be eating out of your hand. Clay, like many magicians, was initially self-taught via YouTube. This is extremely inefficient; it means wasting time, practicing poor technique, and learning weak tricks. Clay was able to sift out the gold, but it took him hundreds of hours. He will save your time by immediately putting you on the right track by teaching you only the gold. Do yourself a favor and nurture the magic inside of you.    

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